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What People Are Saying

"The Abundance Principle: Five Keys to Extraordinary Living by Jeff Standridge and Tim Kellerman is a book of great help to those of us who aspire to walk the spiritual path with practical feet.  Don't miss it!"

   -- Ken Blanchard, Co-author, The One Minute Manager® and The Secret


Abundance is your divine right.  Read Jeff’s and Tim’s great book and make it your reality now!” 

   -- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series


“I highly recommend this book as a practical guidebook to lead you down the path of extraordinary living.  Open the book, start reading now, and unleash the joy of The Abundance Principle in your life today!” 

   -- Stan Toler, Author & Pastor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


The Five Keys to Extraordinary Living are so simple, yet so profound.  Jeff and Tim do a great job of laying them out in a direct and clear-cut way for all of us to understand and apply.”

   -- Dr. Maxie Dunnam, Chancellor, Asbury Theological Seminary


"The Abundance Principle is the amplified version of III John 1:2.  The foundation of genuine success is wisdom and the Five Keys to Extraordinary Living reflect the wisdom of the authors."

  -- Charles “T” Jones, Author of Life is Tremendous


The Abundance Principle: Five Keys to Extraordinary Living brings together likeminded economic thoughts from people like Dave Ramsey and Ron Blue.  The books practical principle track is like a John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar hybrid.  The book's practical theology principles remind me of the layout of Purpose Driven Life except with harmonious Wesleyan theology.  The book also takes on a Stan Toler feel with its focus on excellence and attention to detail in the area of stewardship habits. 

  -- Matt Zimmer, Church Resources Coordinator & Editor, Nazarene Publishing House


“In The Abundance Principle, Tim and Jeff have brought together a number of success principles and tied them together with practical biblical teachings in a way that will be helpful to anyone who reads it. They blend personal stories into the narrative in a way that makes the reader sense that they are writing truth that they have personally worked out in real life.”

  -- Ray Pritchard, Author & President of Keep Believing Ministries (


“Let’s face it, life can be complex.  But was it intended to be that way?  What if someone could show you how to simplify your life?  What if someone could give you five very basic principles which could improve your life?  Would you be interested?  I think so.  Check out The Abundance Principle – and enjoy moving from frustrating complexity to fulfilling simplicity.”

 -- Dr. Jim Garlow, Best-selling Author, Historian, Radio Commentator & Pastor, Skyline Wesleyan Church, San Diego, CA


In writing this highly readable spiritual guidebook, master teachers Jeff Standridge and Tim Kellerman have followed Jesus' example of presenting profound spiritual principles through simple stories that everyone could understand.  Two thousand years later, Jesus' parables are quoted and repeated around the world.  As The Abundance Principle circulates worldwide, these simple yet profound stories drawn from down-to-earth living will be repeated by believers who receive these blessings.  I wish that 55 years ago, my wife and I had had this spiritual guidebook to teach us how to structure our new life together.” 

   -- Dr. Dale R. Jordan, Author, Retired Professor, & Learning Expert, Morrisville, NC


“Like a beautiful tapestry, these two Godly men, turned authors, have woven together a collection of personal experiences, scripture passages, and ideas and quotes from the greatest literary minds, both past and present, that will light the path and serve to help any person achieve a truly abundant life.  It is a pleasure for me to endorse and commend this book to any person who wishes to experience the joy of knowing God, that only comes from serving others.”

   -- Jim Davidson, Nationally Syndicated Columnist


"The Abundance Principle is a brilliant reminder of the power of our own thoughts. More than that, it gives clear steps and actions that readers can implement to lead a truly extraordinary life. I've always believed there is enough to go around and this book proves it!"


   -- Bradley Dugdale, Jr., Financial Consultant, Author and Founder of the Let’s Save America Foundation.


"The Abundance Principle provides the practical tools you will need to create real wealth and live the abundant life God intended for you."

   -- Monroe "Roey" Diefendorf, Jr., Author of 3 Dimensional Wealth: A Radically Sane Perspective on Wealth Management.